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The ultimate compact water cleaning system

Clean drinking water is essential to human welfare. The unique and patented filtration unit guarantees tasty and healthy water.

Healthy water without compromises

The biggest part of the earth's surface is covered by water, it is the source of life. Our body cannot function without water; everybody needs it on a daily basis. The quality of the water greatly varies on earth. There are only a few places left on earth where you can drink water straight from nature. There are even places where the water is harmful to your health. That is why purifying water is becoming more and more important. As a result of the pollution in the groundwater, the amount of unwanted substances in drinking water is increasing enormously. Therefore, for housekeeping, a professional way of cleaning water is an absolute necessity.


With the NRO fusion water filtration system you will enter a new world of water cleaning by a sophisticated filtration technique. The concept is based on a patented membrane system that filters the inlet water at a level that is between Nano filtration and Reverse Osmose resulting in healthy and tasty water. With this innovating technology we were able to create a compact low pressure system.

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